Sheri's office at Willow Words Literary Agency is located in the nationally registered historic building of the "Arts Mill" in a loft on the third floor.  

Sheri Bestor's experience in the writing world began as an author. She is a published adult and children’s book author and has sold work to  national magazines. She has vast experience writing business content for various companies as well as curriculum for educational programs.  She has earned a MA in Curriculum and Instruction,  a BA in education and has over 30 years of teaching experience. She is the founder of North Shore Academy of the Arts,a non-profit organization that offers arts programming, including literary arts classes and workshops, to the community.   As a published author in a variety of genres, Sheri has experiential knowledge about the writing and publishing process which helps the writers and authors she works with accomplish their writing and publishing goals and dreams.

 “I believe that writing is a powerful tool for expressing creativity. I am passionate about combining my experience as a published writer, author, and educator with my training and experience in the arts.  My goal is to mentor emerging writers and help my author clients to find the right publisher. Willow Words will nurture writers to successfully express,  and support seasoned writers so that their careers flourish.”

Willow Words was named in honor of the Willow Tree, which is symbolic of inspired imagination. The willow tree is known for its flexibility, being able to bend  without snapping.  Those who express through writing know that although the challenges may be great, with perseverance and flexibility, we can continue to grow and our writing careers can flourish. An actual live willow tree grows alongside the river just outside of the Willow Words Loft, in the Historic Arts Mill. The Enso symbol, found in the  logo, represents the creative process, and refers to the beginning, end and connectedness of all existence. It symbolizes a place of expression where a person is totally present so that pure creativity can arise.

About the Agent/Owner